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GAMIS – Graduate Academic Management Information System

GAMIS, or also known as Graduate Academic Management Information System is a fully web based was developed in 2009. GAMIS is a system that will record and store all postgraduate students information during their studies at UniMAP. GAMIS serves as a medium for managing and administering the data in managing academic-related information such as the Student Admission, Registration of Students, Student Exams and Graduation Students. In addition, this system forms the backbone of the generation university executive reports. The system can be achieved through using a URL as follows:



Ensure that all students information in a database that stores the entire information are able to integrate with other departments such as the Treasury Department, Library, Student and Alumni Affairs and Education Centre.

  • Provides information to assist in planning student recruitment through timely and accurate.
  • Assist the Centre for Graduate Studies of managing and administering data and academic information.
  • Implement handling of data and information in a more systematic.
  • System modules and a description of the module.

 Security Module

  • Manage user accounts, set user access levels to modules and sub-modules and change the keywords information.

 Registration Module

  • Store, update, and manage data entry of new students, including student self-registration information.

 Personal Information Module 

  • Process the student information, display and update student information, including personally identifiable information,educational background, academic status, information exchange student programs and student account information.

 Management Studies Programme / Semester / Course Module

  • Store, update and manage the data of Study Programme, Semester and Courses offered by the University.

 Course Registration Module

  • Process student course registration information, additional courses and dropping courses and related information.

 Examination Module

  • Setting the grade information, process and display exam registration number, manage exam result, monitor student exam scores. Processing PNG and CPA students, Build student rating information and issuing student transcripts of examination results. Build analysis of the student results.

 Convocation Module

  • Manage information for graduation and convocation of students.










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