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Human Resource Management Information System or IUS-HRM is the university's information system that triggered UniMAP's Registrar Department to automate manual processes of human resource management.

In early 2006, the system was developed and implemented under the supervision of the Central Information and Communication Technology in collaboration with the Department of the Registrar. Since 2007, the system is fully maintained by Unit Personnel IT officer, ICT UniMAP.

The implementation of this system includes not only in the management and administration Department of the Registrar but also include all of staff in UniMAP.

There are eight(8) modules developed in this system and these modules are also used by Human Resources Management Division, Department of the Registrar. Those modules are Complaints Module, Module of Registration New Staff, Personnel Module, Training Module, Leave Management Module, Module of Performance Appraisal Report, Verification of Post Module, and Salary Module.



There are several objectives of this system are developed, namely: -

  • For ease and smooth management of human resources in the Department of the Registrar. By using this system, all the previous manual process is capable to be done in more efficiently and effectively, as well as network communication among workers in UniMAP could be upgraded.
  • Dealings with the administration such as leave applications, training, target Annual work, declaration of assets and so on can be simplified and it can provide facilities for staff in dealing with UniMAP parties, concerned primarily by UniMAP Registrar department.
  • Reduce operating costs by saving paper and time consumption. All applications, such as leave applications, application training and filling assessment report annual performance are done through online and this can help to save the use of paper and the feedback can also be received more quickly and effectively.
  • Access Report by the management and regular users can be easily done and various reports can be formed through the data that has been stored in the base Oracle 11g R2 data.
  • Integration and sharing of the data between modules and other UniMAP's system can facilitate information obtained from a source. Integration is done among the Attendance Systems and Financial System. 



Access to main system IUS-HRM can be made through http://iushrm.unimap.edu.my. IUS-HRM also can be access by mobile through http://iushrm.unimap.edu.my/mobile_hrm/index.jsp.


Login Page for Main IUS-HRM

 Login Page for Mobile IUS-HRM

Main Page

Module Involved  

IUS-HRM Module List

There are eight modules in the IUS-HRM used by the Personnel Unit, Administration Unit, PTK Unit and Service Unit, Registry and Training Unit, Department of the Chancellery.

Staff Recruitment Module 

  • Facilitate staffs with information which can be retrieved through online. 
  • Provide facilities management, information gathering requirements for approval of new positions.
  • Provide online Job Application.
  • Provide information for candidate who are shortlisted for interview. 
  • Provide management and registration for staff's interview.

Declaration of Assets module 

  • Provide property declaration such as Declaration of Assets, Additional property declaration, Disposition of Property and No Property Change by staff.
  • facilitate the Administration Unit to review the Assets declaration information.
  • Provide printable Asset Declaration form which has been completed by staffs. 

Competency Level Assessment module 

  • Provide information such as examination schedule and list of PTK courses for staffs. 
  • Provide an online application services for certified staff to take CLA. 
  • Provide printable offer letter for candidates who are applying for the examination. 
  • Facilitate the Head of Department to occupy the staff for PTK application. 
  • Provide facilities to check the results through online.
  • Provide instruction and examination reports.

Leave Management Module

  • Facilitate the staff and UniMAP Service Unit with the online leave management.
  • Provide annual leave calculation automatically. 
  • Provide the staff with online leave applications.
  • Facilitate the Head of Department to approve staff's leave application online.
  • Facilitate online accumulation of annual leave application process. 
  • Provide an alternative for online leave management.
  • Provide leave records which can be reviewed by staff and the Head of Department.

Validation Module Position

  • Provide employment verification. 
  • Provide a list for staff's confirmation. 
  • Provide an information for staff who are qualified for position verfication.
  • Facilitate the Head of Department to make recommendations through online.
  • Integrating the Module of Validation Module Positions CLA for who are eligibility to sit for PTK examination.

Module Service Record Book

  • Integrate Service Record Book Module with other 7 modules from IUS-HRM. 
  • Provide facilities to record staff's payroll information.
  • Act as a point of reference in terms of business and can be submitted manually and printable.

Module Annual Performance Evaluation Report (LNPT)

  • Provide official designation by the Department of assessors for staff in the department. 
  • Ease of making targets of the beginning, middle and end by UniMAP staff. 
  • Ease of assessment and scoring SKT Annual Performance Evaluation Report by the PPP and PPK. 
  • Ease access to the staff report for the Service Unit Award for Outstanding Service.

Training Module

  • Ease the training unit to manage and provide information about the training such as Training Unit information, speaker information, organizing information, budget information, participant information, and attendance.
  • Records all training that has been attended by staff either in UniMAP or organized by other training agencies. 
  • Provide list of training offered which can be view through Annual Training Calendar.
  • Facilitate the staff with online application for the training they wish to attend 
  • Provide Attendance Report for each staff who were attend the training.


With the emergence of IUS-HRM, it is hoped that the system is be able to help UniMAP to manage the organization in well manner.

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