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Thursday, 10 April 2014 15:53

IP Camera

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IP Camera

UniMAP has its own security camera which is IP-based camera. Overall this camera can be seen through the website link located on the portal. UniMAP university top management can see every each camera installed by log in to portal. The total number of security cameras installed in UniMAP is 90 cameras.

These cameras are installed at strategic locations around UniMAP distributed campus. Although UniMAP have scattered locations in the state of Perlis, but the sophistication of the Internet that are owned UniMAP the central monitoring of all camera locations can be placed in one place. The monitoring center operates 12 hours a day at UniMAP Security Office. UniMAP has 4 own recording server will record the entire camera in UniMAP. This recording server placed UniMAP Computer Centre in Kubang Gajah and Pauh Putra. Below are a picture of the overall security camera locations in UniMAP

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