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K-Attendance System UniMAP is a computer system that works to record staff's attendance. K-Attendance system developed to replace the manual punch card machine.


The purpose of K-Attendance System development is to support the distributed campus. Distributed campus concept adopted by UniMAP cause the offices, classrooms, laboratories and other premises in different locations throughout the state of Perlis , Kuala Lumpur and Kulim Kedah. UniMAP management requires attendance system that allows them to monitor the attendance of all staff to the office regardless of their location quickly and easily.

The Center for Information and Communication Technology provides a solution for the above scenario to develop K-Attendance System that enables the management of the Responsibility Centre (RC) and top management UniMAP to monitor staff in real time via the internet.
K-Attendance System that is used today is the result of feedback responses ranging from top management, management PTJ, lecturers and support staff .

K-Attendance system also adhere to the guidelines as contained in the General Circular No. 1 of 2004, entitled use of Electronic Time Recorder System in Government Agencies. The system is capable of integration with other systems such as staff system (IUSHRM), Student System (AMIS) and the Biometric System.


K-Attendance Systems incorporate some method of recording time by using smart cards and biometrics (fingerprints). All scanners and fingerprint smart card sends data to the server that is located in Kubang Gajah network system Wide Area Network UniMAP.

System Features

The system uses the concept of K-Attendance monitoring stages. This concept means that the report can be accessed by a person is determined by the level of access for each individual. In this concept, a staff member can only view the report itself only presence. Head of Responsibility can also monitor staff attendance under RC under his supervision only. Top management can monitor the attendance of all staff every PTJ in UniMAP. However, each account can be manually specified level of access.

Any information relating to staff and students are taken automatically from Staff Information System (IUS-Human Resource Management), Student Information System (IUS-Acadamic Management) and Graduate Information System (IUS-Post Graduate). This means that every staff and students who are enrolled in UniMAP will have K-Attendance System account automatically.

K-Attendance system also takes the information from the staff leave Staff Information System.Leave information will be integrated with the attendance of the staff to make accurate reports on the presence of staff. One of the unique features found in k-Attendance System is the "Remarks". This section allows a staff include a note in the space presence by day.For example, an employee can enter the ground late in the day he was late punctuality. These records can be viewed by management that monitors presence. Holidays staff also displayed in this column. K-Attendance system can process data UniMAP presence shifts set. Several PTJ use this function to staff working shifts and flexible work schedules.

Types of Reports Available

These reports are available in k-Attendance System is:

  • Daily Report 
  • Weekly Report 
  • Monthly Report 
  • Late Report 
  • Movement Report 
  • Attendance Reporting Activities 
  • Attendance Reporting Aerobics 
  • Special Reports 
  • Report Out In Library 
  • Report Site Office Ulu Pauh 
  • Statistical Report 
  • Attendance Statistics 
  • Late Statistics 
  • Attendance Statistics Aerobics 
  • Statistics Working Hours Lecturer

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