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ICT Helpdesk


No.Contact ICT Helpdesk : 04-979 8494 / 8109 


CICT Helpdesk services as listed below:


  • Provide support to users on matters related to ICT.
  • Handling services Help Desk and provide first level support to staffs and students.
  • Manage inventory records / assets and maintenance of all ICT equipment in reference to the management of Maintenance and Repair Unit.
  • Monitor and ensure that all complaints made to the Help Desk is in accordance with the policies and procedures to problem solving.
  • Monitor the status of maintenance such as ICT equipment providers, software bugs, etc.
  • Provide feedback and check the status of consumer complaints.
  • Plan and review the suitability of Held Desk system from time to time.
  • Extending the problem to 2nd level support.