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Open Source Software @ ICT

With the changes of technologies and information technology implementation in industries and academics environment, UniMAP Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) used the following Open Source Software (OSS) in its operational services to the UniMAP campus community. 


1. Claroline (UniMAP E-Learning Application)


2. MySQL (UniMAP Staff & Deparment Website & E-Learning Database)


3. Joomla! (UniMAP Staff & Department Website CMS)


4. WordPress (UniMAP Staff & Department Website CMS)


5. Linux Redhat (Servers Operating System)


6. CentOS (Servers Operating System)


7. Apache Tomcat (Webserver for UniMAP IUS Application)


8. Ubuntu (Personnel Operating System)


9. iTracker (Tracking System)


10. Zabbix (Server Monitoring/Management System)


11. Zimbra Collaboration System (UniMAP Email System)


12. Netbean (Application Development Platform)


13. Eclipse (Application Development Platform)


14. Endian Firewall (Branch Network Firewall)

15. Multi Router Traffice Grapher - MRTG (Network Monitoring System)

16. Intrusion Prevention System - Surikata OISF

17. Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM)

 18.  CollabNet Subversion Edge